4 easy steps Retention Certificate

Consultation conversation - free of charge

We will determine your chances to obtain a retention certificate in a detailed consultation conversation. We will ask you several questions and get an overview of your situation.

During this conversation we will also talk about our legal fees.

This first interview is absolutely free of charge.

You send us the information

You just send us the required information and documentation.

After our assignment you will get an email with questions and documents we will need.

For your convenience and better understanding, we will include samples of such answers and documents.

An experienced Attorney reviews your file

As soon as we received your documentation, an experienced Attorney will review your file and file it with the appropriate agency. We take care during the whole retention process.

The decicion of the agency

After the agency has granted your application, they will send you a bill for the administrative fee. As soon as you have paid such fee, you can pick up the retention certificate of have it mailed to you.

The retention certificate is valid for two years. This means, you have two years to obtain your "new" Citizenship.

If you should have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please read our FAQ for more detailed informations.


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